Teagen Announces Major Changes for the Circle City Industrial Complex

Teagen Development has announced significant redevelopment plans for the Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC), located at the intersection of 10th Street and Massachusetts Avenue on the city’s Near Eastside. Teagen is in the process of acquiring the 539,000 square foot property, which currently houses a combination of artists, small businesses, and industrial users. The complex has faced stability issues in previous years, due in part to the 120,000 square feet of vacant and unusable space in the building’s southern end. “Our plan is to redevelop that southern end into viable real estate once again.” says Teagen president, Larry Jones. “We will turn the unused infrastructure into a place where small businesses, retailers, and restaurants can thrive.” Due to begin construction this spring, redevelopment plans include the creation of new light manufacturing, retail and restaurant space. The building’s 10th Street façade will receive a major facelift, including the addition of storefronts and a large patio area. The existing second floor will be transformed into prime office space with views of the downtown skyline. Additionally, a portion of the building will be demolished to create an access drive between Brookside Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue, additional parking, and new retail store frontage. before-after-1024x1024   City initiatives also afford the CCIC unique opportunities. A planned walking and biking path, the Pogue’s Run Trail, will bring foot traffic from the Monon Trail and Mass Ave to the CCIC’s doorstep. Redevelopment plans include an internal trail spur that will allow walkers and bikers to pass through the building to engage with the activities there. The redeveloped area’s anchor tenant will be a new 30,000 square foot maker space, Ruckus, founded by Riley Area Development Corporation in partnership with People for Urban Progress and Pattern, a fashion community advocate. Ruckus will provide small manufacturers and entrepreneurs access to high-end wood shop, metal shop, CNC, and photography equipment on a membership basis. The space will also feature a co-working and event area. “The goal of the maker space is to lower the barriers of entry for inventors, designers, craftsmen, and engineers to bring their creation to market,” says Riley’s executive director, Eric Strickland. “Ruckus is part of a national Maker Movement that is boosting small businesses and accelerating innovation in product development and small scale manufacturing.” Pattern director Polina Osherov anticipates increased opportunities for Central Indiana’s fashion community with the opening of the new maker space. “Once Ruckus is up and running, the goal is to incubate small fashion makers and eventually attract a larger fabrication shop known as a “cut-and-sew facility” to the building,” she says. “I don’t have any idea how big it will be, but the Makerspace will really build traffic and demand for a facility that can stay open year round, be busy, and be profitable.” The Circle City Industrial Complex establishes the gateway to the Mass Ave/Brookside Industrial Corridor, 480 +/- acres of urban industrial development northeast of downtown. With the decline of manufacturing in recent decades, many of the buildings in this area have been plagued by vacancy, underutilization and deteriorating infrastructure. The corridor was the focus of a 2014 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Daniel Rose Center panel study in cooperation with the City of Indianapolis, resulting in recommendations for comprehensive redevelopment strategies. The panel also helped shape redevelopment plans for the CCIC. View the entire redevelopment plan online at www.teagen.com/press About Teagen Development Teagen Development specializes in innovative urban redevelopment projects in Downtown Indianapolis. Since its inception in 1990, Teagen Development has focused on the restoration and revitalization of downtown neighborhoods through creative re-use. By keeping a pulse on efforts by individuals, neighborhood groups, and the City of Indianapolis, Teagen has been at the forefront of development in some of the city’s most vibrant areas: Massachusetts Avenue, Chatham Arch, Fountain Square, and most recently, the Mass Ave/Brookside Industrial Corridor. More information at www.teagen.com