Pogues Run Trail: Connecting Indy’s Near Eastside

500 Feet. 500 feet is a two-minute walk. At an average pace, 500 feet doesn’t burn the calories contained in a single stick of gum; and yet, when Teagen Development purchased the Circle City Industrial Complex, we knew that tiny distance might prove to be a big obstacle. Why? Because 500 feet is the approximate distance between the Circle City Industrial Complex and the confluence of the Cultural Trail and the Monon Trail. From the beginning of our work on this project, we asked ourselves: how do we encourage walkers and bikers to trek that extra .01 mile off the beaten path to visit the CCIC? Our answer came earlier this year in the form of the Pogue’s Run Trail- a walking and biking path designed to connect downtown to some of the great parks and attractions the Near Eastside has to offer, such as IndyParks, Spades Park, Brookside Park, and, of course, the CCIC. Though these attractions were technically walkable and bikeable previously, we have seen time and again (for example, in places like Mass Ave and Fountain Square) that creating a designated pedestrian trail encourages new visitors and promotes vibrant communities where businesses can thrive. While the new trail doesn’t guarantee the success of the CCIC’s pending redevelopment plans, it does make our job of enticing new visitors to make that 500-foot journey much, much easier. Phase 1 of the Pogues Run project is scheduled to begin this week and traffic pylons are already out on Brookside to make way for workers. Construction will extend from 10th and Massachusetts Avenue to 10th and Brookside, then northeast on Brookside Avenue to the Commerce Street bridge over Pogues Run. Work should be completed by September 1st.
A map of the construction area and new trail.
Here are a few things you should know about the construction:
  • Traffic on Brookside Avenue will be restricted to a single lane (closest to the CCIC) during the work. Because this lane is directly adjacent to the CCIC sidewalk, please watch your speed if you are driving and watch for cars if you are walking.
  • The CCIC parking lot will be open as usual. Be aware of workers and construction vehicles when pulling in and out.
  • There will be NO PARKING OR STOPPING in the one remaining travel lane. Violators will be towed immediately.
  • The trail team is conscious of the fact that the CCIC is a commercial building with functioning truck docks. Trucks will still have access to the docks along Brookside during construction. Please contact us if you have any concerns about truck access.
We’re excited about this project and the great benefits it will bring to the CCIC and Near Eastside. Stay tuned for additional updates!

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  1. Elizaveta says:

    The trail at its north end picks up again in Pogues Run Art and Nature Park , where public arts projects tie in with the outdoor surroundings.

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