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Casey Roberts

My work illustrates a fantastic landscape. It represents nature's subtle way of dealing with the peculiar aspects in the relationship with mankind. A giant glow-in-the-dark heart, or a pile of precious gems tells us that we are loved, just as blood squirting from an oak tree trunk says, all is not well. I am inspired by my conversation with the landscape, I imagine long monologues when pine forests make me laugh and mountains test my patience.

Copy Culture Studio

Artists Taryn Cassella and Anna Marisa Martinez

Creative Bento: Tori Weyers

Tori Weyers is a fine artist and designer specializing in Illustration mixed media, screen printing, and abstract painting.

Darkroom Revelations

Our gallery/studio specializes in Large format black and white film photography and fine art prints.

Five Seasons Studio

Mixed media and Marbled Impressionism paintings made by floating inks on water.

Genna Pianki

Genna Pianki is a contemporary painter focusing on urban landscapes and abstract forms. Her love of color and strong lines draw her to these landscape settings with vibrancy and mood.


IndyBAM (Bike Art Messenger) is an urban bike art program for the public presentation of independent ideas. We build various art displays and parade them on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

indyRtist Studio/Gallery

Artist description? Well, I’m an older, overweight, sometimes grumpy women with shortish, graying hair. I also wear glasses, but only when I need to see. My work on the other hand, can be described as large, bold, vibrant, abstract oils on canvas.

Jake Miller Art

Emerging Self Taught Artist in Indy. exploring the ineffable. paint, pencil, and ink are the vehicle.

Jeannine Allen Art

I am inspired by the dynamic beauty of the ocean, and of nature in general. That is what I love to paint. My style is somewhere between abstract and impressionistic.