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Aak Lengkeek

Aak Lengkeek


Aak Lengkeek was born into a Dutch family in the city of Rotterdam, just before German bombs razed the heart of this prosperous medieval city at the onset of World War II.

Debris, gaping holes, discarded concrete, brick and stone were the prevailing elements of his playground in those early years, but being too young to grasp the severity of the family's predicament, the chaos piqued his imagination and desire for adventure.  His optimism and belief in the future were further buttressed after the liberation in 1945, when the unrelenting background thud of piles being rammed into the City's soggy ground heralded new foundations and reconstruction.

His father, an architect, ushered Aak into the world of art, structure and dimension, and stimulated his artistic talent. His mother was a gifted pianist, in her repertoire way ahead of her time. The family's active involvement in music honed his intuitive feel for rhythm, composition and harmony and made him aware of the importance of contrast and discord.

Travels To Greece, started in the early sixties, opened his eyes to the vernacular Greek architecture as well as to the quality of light and color in the Mediterranean. Aak is autodidact and developed his talents through lifelong involvement in all kinds of artistic endeavors: sculpting, dressmaking, house and furniture building, and stone work to mention a few.  He and his wife Carol split their time between their urban Indianapolis loft and their cottage and vineyard on the island of Samos.

Second Floor: Suite 200